The Nano is the most compact of the Intertime recliner chairs and it is ideal for the Sofa Frame with its simple, clear shape and soft lines. Despite its compact construction, Nano offers the utmost comfort thanks to its tilting mechanism that freely adjusts the feet and back to any angle. The neck pillow can be stowed in the back cushion. With an extended backrest, Nano large provides optimum comfort even for tall people. The electric armchair is available either with heart-balance position or lift assist (optional). With its freely adjustable angle setting, it ensures the greatest relaxation and comfort.

  • Slim silhouette
  • Compact armchair with leg support and back adjustment
  • Individually adjustable back and leg support
  • Release lever in polished chrome
  • Angle and height of neck cushion can be adjusted
  • Available as an electric (cordless with battery) or manual model
  • Electric with heart-balance position
  • Electric with optional lift assist
  • Visible manual button in aluminium look or anthracite aluminium look (electric)
  • Can be rotated 360°
  • Fold-out and height-adjustable neck cushion, which can be stored in the back cushion
  • Star base in polished chrome, smoked chrome , brushed chrome or bronze
  • Plate base in brushed chrome (optional)
  • The feet are also available in other colours as special model
  • Seat height 44 or 47 cm
  • Seat height 45 or 48 cm (with lift assist)

Design Martin Birrer

Design Benny Mosimann

„Simply relax“

360° view: move with the mouse pressed down

Functional view: move with the mouse pressed down

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