NANO Wing Chair

An ideal piece of furniture for relaxing with all the makings of a design classic. This wing chair extends the Nano product range with the addition of a high-back chair in modern aesthetics. Its cubic and streamlined shape provides living areas with intimacy and the perfect setting in which to sit and relax. This armchair is available in a wide range of
high-quality cover materials made of leather and fabric. The electric armchair is available either with heart-balance position or lift assist (optional). With its freely adjustable angle setting, it ensures the greatest relaxation and comfort.

  • Slim silhouette
  • Release lever in polished chrome
  • Angle and height of neck cushion can be adjusted
  • Individually adjustable back and leg support
  • Available as an electric (cordless with battery) or manual model
  • Electric with heart-balance position
  • Electric with optional lift assist
  • Visible manual button in aluminium look or anthracite aluminium look (electric)
  • Can be rotated 360°
  • Star base in polished chrome, smoked chrome , brushed chrome or bronze
  • The feet are also available in other colours as special model
  • Seat height 44 or 47 cm
  • Seat height 45 or 48 cm (with lift assist)

Design Martin Birrer

Design Benny Mosimann

„Individual, comfortable, private“

360° view: move with the mouse pressed down

Functional view: move with the mouse pressed down

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